About BT Option
Features of BT Option
BT Option is the Binary Options BT Option provides. Binary Options is a financial product to invest by predicting on whether the movement of the exchange rate will rise or fall in a given period of time.  The rule is simple. It requires a prediction whether the rate on the screen will rise or fall by the time of expiry. This is a distinctive feature of Binary Options trading since it does not demand complicating analysis but a choice of either High (rise) or Low (fall).  Binary Options has been recently growing its reputation from its simple rules, compared to other financial products.  This is a great advantage for beginners, since they can start trading instantly due to its simplicity. Nevertheless, we would also like to explain about the other advantages of BT Option.
■After 3 minutes of easy registration, trading is possible in an instant!
Starting Forex or stock investment requires troublesome and time consuming registration process but in BT Option, following the easy registration that could be completed within 3 minutes on the Internet, login information will be sent by email.  Furthermore, after making the initial deposit using a credit card, trading is possible right away.
■Unnecessity of any prior knowledge
Compared to financial products such as stock investment, prior knowledge in trading is unnecessary. It is a trading method requiring a choice out of two, whether it will rise or fall and so, it is possible to gain profits easily without any knowledge in exchange or economy.
■Shortest trading time expires in 3 minutes
Different from other Binary Options brokers, we have a selection of different durations of options for you to choose from such as 3, 15, or 30 minutes.  For example if the 3 minutes duration was chosen, you will have to predict whether the exchange rate will rise or fall within 3 minutes, making it easier to predict the outcome if the duration is shorter. Also another advantage is that the results are settled instantly.
■Easier risk management
There is a possibility of loss expanding enormously in financial products such as stock investment or Forex when the market moves to the other direction from your prediction. In the worst scenario, there is a risk to lose more than the amount invested. At BT Option, there would be no loss more than the invested amount. The option investment amount will be a loss if you lose and if you win, you will gain the payout. The loss is limited, making it easy to manage risks.
■Uninfluenced even by still market
If the market movement is small in financial products such as stock investment or Forex, big profits are unexpected but in the case of Binary Options, trading is profitable regardless of the still market, since it doesn’t require big fluctuation in price but a rise or fall of at least 1 point (pip) in the market for the trade to settle. Trading is possible anytime, which is another advantage.
To win in BT Option
From here, we have simplified 3 important points to lead you to success in BT Option.
■Knowing your risk tolerance level
By analyzing your reaction in trading with different trading amount or trading durations, confirm your own risk tolerance level. Knowing this will be one of the keys in leading you to success. Trading is possible starting from a minimum of $5 in BT Option, making it easy to adjust the option investment amount accordingly to your own risk tolerance level.
■Determine the “Chance” to invest
The more time there is until the settlement, the more chance there is to be embroiled into the unstable market due to sudden news. And so, how short you can settle the trade is one of the ways in increasing your winning rate. BT Option provides 3 minutes duration options, which benefits in determining the “chance” better.
■Studying about the market
Due to the simplicity of BT Option, as mentioned before, beginners are able to start trading easily. However, understanding the market and building knowledge would be the key to further increase your winning rate. Studying the basics such as technical analysis, trend or range markets, will be a short cut to success.  BT Option has gathered basic knowledge and “how to” of trading in the BO Guide, making it easy to learn about Binary Options.